A Bit of Help Finding your Ideal Online Slots Game

When you enter the world of online gambling, it is obviously a lot of fun to jump from one game to another, and sample all of the wares that the leading online casinos have to offer. It is important, however, to have what is known as a ‘Main’.


A Main is an online slot game which you have decided you will be playing the hardest, focusing on developing your skills and acumen to the point where you are able to navigate the game mechanics with ease, and winning has become a far likelier event than it is with the other games which your time spent with will be more for experimentation or entertainment purposes.


The games that are on the various fine online casinos hosted by MPLcasino will provide a sensational selection for budding and seasoned online gamblers to choose from, where you will be able to find your Main very easily. Online gambling is meant to be fun, however, and you should never take anything too seriously.


Are you Non-Progressive or Progressive?


No, we are not referring to your political views. Online slot games are divided into two broad categories – non-progressive and progressive.


Progressive Online Slot Games


These are the games that have built on the successful foundations of traditional online slot games.


They have now begun to introduce far more lucrative and advanced bonus features, as well as a whole host of multipliers (which will take your initial bets and multiply them into something far more enjoyable), wild and scatter symbols (which will be lined up on the paylines in order to move the player along into the bonus rounds), and jackpots which are far larger than those seen in non-progressive games.


Incredible Jackpots


A progressive jackpot is one that is completely fluid, and not ‘fixed’, unlike those seen in non-progressive online slot games. They will continue to grow, so long as people continue to play them.


A percentage of each bet and wager will be added to the size of the progressive jackpot, and many online casinos will actually share wager portions across platforms in what are known as as ‘networked jackpots’.


One particularly phenomenal case of jackpot networking took place in Nevada, in which progressive online slot games were having their jackpots fueled by activity across the whole state, leading to outstanding jackpots that were reaching millions of dollars in size.


Non-Progressive Online Slot Games


These games will borrow heavily from the very first types of slot game designs that came out in the 20th century. While not as simplistic in design, non-progressive online slot games will indeed provide a far more easily navigated experience than that of progressive online slot games.


There will generally only be three reels in this game, with a low number of paylines to be activated. You will also often struggle to find bonus rounds or multipliers in these games, and the jackpots will generally be much smaller than progressive ones.


A Smaller Jackpot, but a Cheaper One to Win


Such jackpots will be fixed, and will not increase in size according to player activity. The famous cherries or triple sevens seen in classic slot machines will often indicate to you if you have won the jackpot upon lining up three in a row.


While you may be wondering why anyone would bother with such small figures, the benefit here is that non-progressive slot games are far cheaper to play than progressive ones, and if you do indeed net the jackpot, it will generally not be at a great cost.


This cheaper playing rate means that you will stay in the game far longer than you would with progressive games, due to the fact that your payroll will not be spent quite fast on the beefier wagering requirements of progressive online slot games.


Deciding What to Play


Ultimately, your decision comes down to how big your bankroll is, or how long you want it to last. Progressive games are more expensive and riskier, but provide greater rewards. Non-progressive games are cheaper to play, are more stable in terms of odds, but will not grant you as big a reward as progressive games.

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