Blackjack Variations

There are a lot of different types of blackjack games and variations, casinos do this to offer the customers variety and keep their interest, so they keep playing at their casino.

Some of the common rule Variations are the number of decks in use at one time, they can go from a single deck to 8 decks. The way the dealer handles a soft 17 can vary also, with the dealer either hitting a soft 17 on any or all 17’s.

Double down after splitting if allowed. If the player is allowed to do this, it gives a slight edge to a player which is always god. A standard ratio for a blackjack payoff is 3 to2, some games try to offer 6 to 5, you should definitely avoid these games. One thing is for sure, even though blackjack has fairly regular rules, there are many different types of blackjack tables out there.

Blackjack Switch

Players make two bets and get two hands, before beginning your turn you will have the option of switching the second card in each hand.

  • This makes it easier to get a blackjack or get a hand that’s good to split or double down on.
  • The concession here is that a dealer 22 is no longer a bust hand, but rather a push

Double attack blackjack

Uses what’s called a Spanish deck which is a 48-card deck with the 10s removed. The Jack, Queen and King cards remain and still count as 10 points. The reason the game has its name is because the player has an opportunity to double their bet after seeing the dealers up card. Although, a natural blackjack only pays out at even money.

Double exposure blackjack

This is a variation of blackjack where both of the dealer’s cards are dealt face up so the player can see exactly what the dealer is holding.

This is obviously a big advantage for the player so any tie hand means it’s a dealer win and a natural blackjack only pays out at even money.

Super fun 21

A natural only pays out at even money but there are a lot of additional rule variations that favour the player. A player total of 20 always wins if the player has 6 or more cards. A player total of 21 always wins when it’s made up of 5 or more cards and pays out at 2 to1.

  • Player blackjacks always win, with blackjack diamonds paying out at 2 to1.

Match play 21

Match play 21 uses a Spanish deck, the payout structure works differently here, with natural blackjack paying out at 3 to 1 and bonus payouts for certain hands.

For example, if you get three 7s in your hand and the dealer also gets a 7, you get paid at 40-1. Also, if you get the 6,7,8 of spades you get paid off at 3 to1. You can find more blackjack games and why to play blackjack here on our blog about online blackjack gambling clubs.

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