Why Is the Contribution Towards The Wager Different, From Slots To Table Games?

Casino games are fast gaining popularity, thanks to the exhilarating action and fun that comes with playing these games. Factor in the attraction of winning real money and you will understand the motivation behind the ongoing craze surrounding casinos. Moreover, with advancement in technology, you can now play your favorite casino game from wherever you are through online gaming.

You do not need to have a PC or laptop to access online casinos, for mobile phones and smartphones work just as well, if not better. However, for you to enjoy playing casino games like slotxo44, you need to have a basic understanding of the game rules, requirements and simple gaming jargon. Additionally, if you are playing for real money, you need to have enough money to fund your wager.

Casinos usually offer potential gamers a number of appealing bonuses to retain and attract new clients. After registering with any casino, you are likely to receive a registration bonus such as free games, free spins, and the free no-deposit bonus among many others. When you receive a cash bonus, you will not be able to withdraw that cash, unless you deposit real money into your account and place some bets using real money for a specified number of times. The reason for this requirement is to deter “bonus hunters” from misusing this feature to earn free cash.

Wagering requirements refer to the amount of money you need to stake, to release your cash bonus winnings into your main account balance. Interestingly, different casinos have varying wagering requirements. The wagering requirement may be as low as five times (5x) the bonus claimed, to as high as fifty times (50x) the bonus claimed. If you had a THB10 bonus after registering with a casino that requires 50x the bonus claimed, you will have to play a total stake of THB20,000 to satisfy the wagering requirement.

As aforementioned, you need to meet the wagering requirement, for you to convert your bonus and bonus winnings into your main cash balance. This process of meeting your wagering requirements is what casinos refer to as the contribution towards the wager. While some games attract a higher percentage of contributions towards the wager, others do not need any contribution at all.

You should note that, when you receive a bonus from any casino, be it a registration bonus or a free no deposit bonus, you can use the money to place your bets. However, any winnings that you get from a bet placed with bonus money are regarded to as bonus money too. Additionally, when you deposit real money into your account and you still have your bonus, the real money will take precedence over the bonus money, and will be used to place your bets first. From this breakdown, some gamers prefer using real money all through their play, to avoid having problems withdrawing their winnings.

Remember, that most casinos will only allow you to withdraw your winnings once you satisfy the wagering requirement.

You might be wondering, “Why is the contribution towards the wager different, from slots to table games?” The answer to this query covers a wide area. Different games have different risks and require varying stakes to satisfy the wagering requirement.

Casinos determine the percentages that you need to contribute per game, to meet the wagering requirements. Games which are relatively easy and with high chances of gamers winning often attract the highest percentage of contribution towards wager. On the other hand, games are a little bit technical and players are more likely to lose attract the lowest percentage of contribution towards wager. It might be complex at first, but you will get used to it once you get the grip of the mathematics involved.

In most casinos, slots, blackjack, keno and parlor games attract 100 percent contribution towards the wager. This is because slots games are not so much engaging and do not require any strategy. The odds of you winning are slightly higher than other games hence casinos set higher wagering requirement. If you wager THB100 on slots or kenos, your wagering contribution will also be THB100

Table games attract the lowest wagering requirements considering the fact that they are more engaging and the odds are always against you, unless you use an effective strategy, which can help you win some games. If the waging requirement is 20% and you wager THB100, your contribution to the wager will translate to THB20.

Apart from placing different amounts on the wagering requirements, some casinos also include timelines on their requirements. You have to fulfill your waging requirements within a set period, lest you lose your bonus.

For you to claim your bonus and avoid having issues when trying to make a withdrawal, always make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the specific casino that you want to sign up to. Most gamers overlook the fine print, especially when free money is involved, not knowing that they may lose their bonus if they do not understand the terms and conditions.

Some casinos provide the bonuses for only a certain period, after which it expires without further notice, leaving users with only their cash deposit. Take your time to understand the machinations of the game. By doing so, you can have a great gaming experience as you play your favorite casino games.

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