Why Claim Online Video Slot Bonuses & Promotions?

Video Slot is known as being one of the easier gambling games to play and this is a big reason for its appeal to many players. There are no complicated rules or strategies that a player must know when playing and it simply comes down to luck as to which numbers get called out. Video Slot is also a very sociable game as many of you will know which just adds to the entertainment.

You might not be able to win as much money as you would when enjoying other types of gambling in terms of winnings but those who love joker slot titles still often walk away with life-changing money directly as a result of betting using their bonus cash.

Video Slot is not only a game that can be played down the local Video Slot hall anymore either as it can be found at countless online Video Slot sites or casinos. The advantage of playing this game at one of those places is that you are likely to be given access to some excellent bonuses and promotions that will provide far more bang for the buck when playing the game.

Using Bonus Codes Will Save You Money

Why would anyone play Video Slot at full cost to themselves when there are online casinos out there that are willing to give them additional money to use whenever they make a deposit? How wouldn’t take advantage of something that is more or less free apart from obviously having to make a deposit with the casino at some point?

Bonuses and promotions are designed to benefit the player and the casino alike. The casino brings in more money but takes a risk that the player could use that money to win even more from them.

Different Bonus Codes Available

Whenever you sign up to an online casino to play Video Slot-type games, you will probably see straight away that they are offering a welcome bonus. If you were to check out the promotion page at this online casino, you will also see a selection of other bonuses and promotions that you can take advantage of when playing your favourite games.

All in all, you will probably find that most bonuses fall into one of the following categories:

  • Welcome Bonus

The welcome or sign up bonus is the most popular and the most lucrative types of bonuses that you will find. Designed to tempt new players to come to an online casino, register and deposit with the potential to make more deposits down the line, these bonuses will often give you a large chunk of free money.

A casino will give you a percentage of your first deposit (sometimes the first few deposits) as free money up to a certain amount. We have seen some online casinos offering as much as 100% match deposit bonuses up to $1,500. This means if you were to deposit $1,500, you would be given another $1,500 to play with when enjoying Video Slot.

  • Match Deposit Bonus

You could call match deposit bonuses scaled down versions of welcome bonuses which are not only available for new players to use. These are designed purely to get players to make another deposit at the casino with the promise of more free funds to enjoy. These will not offer as much as welcome bonuses but are more than useful nonetheless.

Sometimes this will occur weekly on a set day of the week or they may be more random than that – it all depends on the particular casino you are using.

  • Free Spins/Games

Free spins or free games are another popular type of bonus that you will regularly hear about at the online casinos. These are just a number of free turns that the casino will give to its players at the many games they host. You might get 10, 20, 50 or even as many as 100 free spins either on a particular game or to be used on all games at the online casino.

  • VIP/Loyalty Bonus

Many online casinos also like to give back to their players via a loyalty scheme or program too. These will work on the basis that as you play and spend money, you will earn points that can then be redeemed for other rewards. You might get free spins, special reload bonuses, increased withdrawal limits or even preferential withdrawals.

There are a few other bonuses and promotions that you might see at the online casino but those listed above are easily the most common and popular.

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